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In an ideal world locking your doors and windows would be enough to deter unwanted interest from Intruders and burglars. Unfortunately this is not the case and a more At Armoured Alarms our Security Systems are state of the art technology which complying with all current regulations. All our home security systems are custom designed. We use several different types of intruder detectors, door and window contacts, movement detectors that can be safely set to ignore animals of a certain size, vibration detectors and glass break sensors. For your own personal security we have discreet Hold up Alarm systems that can activated by hitting an emergency button or a wireless transmitter that you can keep hidden or with you at all times.

If you have an old wired alarm which has started to play up we can check all the existing wires and upgrade all the alarm equipment.

Visonic Wireless Alarm

Today’s homeowners want much more than a monitored security system. They want a system that can alert them – wherever they are, at home or away – in the event of burglary, fire or flood, or a medical emergency involving a home-bound family member. PowerMaxComplete provides homeowners with a comprehensive blanket of security, safety and control covering all aspects of home protection – to safeguard everyone at home, as well as the building and contents. Security professionals can offer a full range of wireless accessories that work seamlessly with the PowerMaxComplete control panel to ensure timely detection and alert of virtually any kind of risk to the home and people in it.

Visonic professional-grade wireless home security and safety system can be extended with a diverse range of easy-to-add accessories: wireless intrusion detectors; wireless safety detectors and personal emergency response transmitters help save lives and prevent personal injury; and wide variety of control options increase ease of use and convenience. The flexible and diverse choice of expansion options and drilling-free wireless installation offered, make the Visonic home security solution a dynamic choice that fits the needs of every customer.

The Visonic wireless alarm is a total wireless system which means no more lifting carpets and floorboards, NO WIRES NO MESS.

The Visonic system has a built in speech dialler which can call 4 phone numbers on alarm or alert.

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